Math Practice operations with fractions.
Operations that include whole numbers, decimals and fractions.
Negative numbers.
Find calculation strategies.
Accounting bases.
Mathematical problems related to accounting.
Graphs and statistical parameters.
Information processing, chance and probability (percentages).
Principles of algebra.
Introduction to equations.
Introduction to powers and roots.
Volume drives and volume-related issues.
Length, weight / mass, capacity and surface.
Measure of time.
Angle measurement.

Geometry: The representation in the plane and in space, distances, angles and turns, Plane and spatial forms, Regularities and symmetries, areas of geometric figures, such theorem, perspective drawing (this is also seen in artistic drawing).

Areas of geometric figures, such theorem, perspective drawing (this is also seen in artistic drawing).

Spanish Review the parts of speech.
Direct and indirect language.
Active and passive voice practice.
Subjunctive of the verb.
Literary genres: narrative, lyrical and dramatic.
The argumentation and the dialogue.
Preparation of summaries and sketches.
Realization of Descriptions and identification of descriptive texts.
Application of spelling rules.
Narration of scenes from story themes.
Oral expression practice (oratory and its usefulness).
Reading comprehension practice as a basis for text analysis.
Narration of biographies according to the evolutionary moment.
Social Sciences Review what was studied in the previous course of medieval times.
The earth as a whole: shape and distribution of the continents and oceans.
The rocky foundations, older and younger parts of the earth.
Geological faults.
Climatic zones of the continents with their socio-cultural relationships.
Great rivers.
Mineral deposits and commercial relationships.
Opening of interoceanic transport routes.
The Reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula by the Christians.
The meeting between east and west.
Displacement of the history of the Mediterranean towards central and north-western Europe.
Development of the cultural aspect of humanity.
European populations from other continents and their consequences for indigenous populations.
How the Spaniards came to various territories that later would become countries (Mexico, Colombia, Peru, etc .).
Confrontation with the diverse cultures and with the natives.
The invention of the printing press.
The Modern States: Authoritarian monarchy and hegemony in Europe: The Catholic Monarchs of Spain, Henry II of France and Henry VIII of England .
The Catholic Monarchs: Territorial and religious unit.
Expulsion of the Jews and Inquisition.
The Emperor Carlos I of Spanish and V of Germany.
Felipe II, King of Iberia and of the world. The Habsburgs and the Bourbons.
Natural Sciences Principles of physics: optics, acoustics, electricity and magnetism.
Experimentation and verification of physical principles of optics, acoustics, thermal / electricity and magnetism.
Introduction to the great inventions.
Combustion: fire in its different manifestations.
Metals: gold, copper, tin, bronze, iron.
Physical and chemical changes.
Handwork Completion of the work from the previous year (the doll and the animal).
Elaboration of a garment.
Macramé́ (nets, bags).
Form drawing Movement of stars, forms of minerals.
Polygon surfaces.
Platonic solids.
English Review to consolidate:
Oral comprehension and expression.
Comprehension and written expression.
Expand vocabulary.
Grammar and conjugation of verbs at least in simple tenses.
Oral and mental reading of texts in English.
Music Diatonic music.
Alto recorder.
Chorus in two and three parts.
Ancient music, from Renaissance to Baroque music.
String instruments.
Literature Tales of Chivalry: Iron Men Howard Pyle, Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer, Poems, Ballads, Scenes from Medieval History.
Reading reports.
Scuplting Forms in relief.
Heights / depressions.
The four elements.
Geometry: tetrahedron, octahedron.
Modeling of mountains, caves and rocks.
Painting Light and shadows.
Dynamic drawing.
Layered paint.
Perspective drawing.
Movement: Gymnastics, games and eurythmy Juggling and introduction to circus art.
Jump rope (normal and double Dutch).
Team sports, introduction to strategy.
Athletics: running technique and orientation principles.
Rotation and transformation of complex geometric shapes.
Exercises with copper bars in canon.
Concentration, balance and skill exercises.
Major and minor scales.
Eurythmic gestures for intervals.
“Look in you, look around.”
Gardening Ecological practices.
Care of the earth, its mineral components.
The stars and agriculture.
Prepare plots.
Growing and harvest.
Special composting.
Carpentry Wood carving a sphere: Concave and convex.
Make everyday objects (baskets).

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