5th Grade

Math Operations with fractions.
Prime numbers, multiples and divisors.
Mixed numbers.
Metric system.
Reciprocals, Calculating areas.
Spanish Practice fourth class topics: Sentence types, paragraph writing.
Grammar and verb conjugation.
Direct and indirect style.
Simple and compound indicative mood of the verb.
Reading comprehension.
Synonyms and antonyms.
Signs of international use.
Active and passive voice, language games.
The description.
Spelling rules and use of the dictionary.
Social Sciences History and geography of ancient civilizations from legends, myths and historical facts: Atlantis, India, Persia, Chaldean Babylon, Egypt.
History and geography of Greece.
Regional geography (of the Island, the country and the continent).
Natural Sciences Botany study related to human development.
Plants, man and the planet.
The earth as a living being in the different seasons of the year.
A complete plant: The dandelion.
Typical plants of the Island and the country.
A plant in the four seasons, its transformation.
Handwork Knitting with five needles.
Form drawing Geometric freehand design.
The five-pointed star.
Plant forms, metamorphosis.
Architectural motifs and designs from ancient cultures and the Greeks.
Different types of triangles, rectangles, quadrilaterals, polygons and circles.
Divide circles into parts to form regular figures like the pentagon, hexagon, etc.
English Grammar: Formation of noun plural.
Determined and indeterminate articles.
Different types of pronouns.
Cardinal and ordinal numbers.
Prepositions and conjunctions.
The active form of the verb in the present, future and past.
Present continuous progressive.
Form expanded to the present tense. Question and negation and imperative.
Simple text readings.
Conversations and descriptions. Songs, poems and plays.
Music Diatonic Music.
Reading music.
Creating music.
Singing in three parts.
String instruments.
Major and minor scales.
Literature Reading complete books, summaries, main ideas to share with the group, description of characters and places. Individual, mental reading.
Sculpting Greek clay vessels, tablets, Greek columns, high and low relief.
Painting More defined paint, the sheet a little drier, with less water.
From light to darkness.
Topics related to what was studied in the main lesson: Mythology, history, zoology, botany, geography.
Work with more subtle differentiations and shades of color.
Movement: Gymnastics, games and eurythmy Greek sports: Pentathlon.
Balance and dexterity exercises.
Introduction to team sports.
Geometric shapes in frontal position starting from different points.
Dionysian forms.
Major scales with sharps.
Hymn to Dionysus.
Gardening Vegetable gardening practice (circular garden).
History of agriculture.
Preparation of required materials.
Weeding planters and garden areas.
Planting fruit and native trees.
Drying medicinal flowers.
Carpentry Begin to study trees and different types of wood.
Do small jobs with a knife: letter opening.
Preparation of the spoon.
Make birdhouses by emptying a piece of log.