4th Grade

Math More of the four basic operations, vertically and horizontally, exact and inexact. Carry, lend, long multiplication, long division.
Dividing by two and three figures.
mental and written calculation.
Multiples and divisors.
Relative value of amounts.
Numbers up to hundreds of a million.
Eratosthenes sieve.
The Fractions.
Basic operations between fractions.
Measurement practice.
Spanish Dictionary use.
Spelling rules.
Paragraph construction.
Personal pronouns and adverbs.
Letter writing.
Parts of a book.
Verb conjugation in the indicative mood.
Signs of international use.
Social Sciences Local history and geography: a study of their closest environment: House, school, town (history and geography of Mallorca), city, neighborhood, province, country, continent and the earth in general.
Nordic tales.
Preparation of maps (native geography) of the immediate environment, identification of the country and its surroundings.
Movement of the earth, the sun and the moon.
The seasons of the year, their duration and main characteristics.
The equinoxes and the solstices.
Natural Sciences Elemental anthropology: The human body, standing upright, the human hand and its power to transform.
Zoology: Relationship, comparison and similarities of animals with humans.
Common animals of the environment and their care. Our pets.
Food chains, habitats. Relationship between beings of the habitat.
Ecosystems and their conservation, the human being and the environment.
Handwork Completion of the 3rd loom.
Cross stitch.
Form drawing The circle.
Metamorphosis of animals.
Crossing and knots.
Practice the shapes that have been made in the 3rd class.
Intertwined shapes that intersect. These exercises promote concentration.
Shapes taken from Viking, Celtic mythology …
Ornamental motifs intertwined engraved on brooches or bracelets; decorations for weapons, hulls, bows of ships; It interweaves two Carolingian, Celtic, Lombard, tile motifs and all kinds of knots.
English Beginning of the grammar.
Communicate through speech and writing.
Simple readings and first dictations.
Narrate and communicate in English.
Spelling words from games.
Vocabulary of everyday conversations.
Music Diatonic recorder.
Song and interpretation of the flute in canon.
Time values.
Harmony, local songs, rounds.
Musical notation, Small improvisations.
Interpretation of popular, traditional or seasonal songs, with movements and gestures.
Rhythmic games, rounds, circle dances.
Literature Individual book reading, animal themes, time passage, biographies, elements. Small summaries of what has been read, characters, places.
Sculpting Sculpting animals with clay, main class subjects.
Geometric themes. I work starting with a sphere.
Writing tablet, runic alphabet.
Painting Color interaction to find shapes and then make them shine.
Drawing and painting on topics of anthropology and zoology, Norse mythology.
Colors of the environment and nature: Times of the year or seasons.
Movement: Gymnastics, games and eurythmy Games with rules and instructions.
Folk dances and dances with geometric shapes.
Individual and group gymnastics.
Exercises that promote the social and the importance of the individual in the group.
Poems that work on alliteration.
Exercises with wooden sticks.
Forms in frontal position.
C major scale.
Music with different rhythms and intervals.
Lung / heart rhythm harmonization exercises.
Gardening Animals and their contribution to agriculture, caring for the land and plants.
Food, planting and trades involved to be achieved producing what we eat.