4th Grade Periods & Subjects


FIRST PERIOD: September 12th to October 5th (3 ½ weeks): FORM DRAWING
SECOND PERIOD: October 8th to October 26th (3 weeks): MATH
THIRD PERIOD: October 29th to November 23rd (4 weeks): MY LAND (GEOGRAPHY)
FOURTH PERIOD: November 26th to December 21st (4 weeks): LANGUAGE (NORSE MYTHOLOGY)

FIFTH PERIOD: January 7th to February 1st (4 weeks): MAN AND ANIMAL (ZOOLOGY)
SIXTH PERIOD: February 4th to February 27th (3 weeks): MATH
SEVENTH PERIOD: March 4th to March 22nd (3 weeks): LANGUAGE (NORSE MYTHOLOGY)
EIGHTH PERIOD: March 25th to April 17th (3 weeks): MY LAND (GEOGRAPHY)

NINTH PERIOD: April 24th to May 24th (4 weeks): MATH
TENTH PERIOD: May 27th to June 21st (4 weeks): MAN AND ANIMAL (ZOOLOGY)

: Nordic mythology and regional mythology.

Mathematics: Expansion of the four basic operations. Practical, mental and written calculation.
– Multiples and divisors.
– Eratosthenes Screen: Prime Numbers
– Introduction to fractions.
Form Drawing: Knots and crossing work begins. Exercises related to elementary anthropology and zoology.
Language: Strengthening of linguistic skills: Speaking, listening, writing, reading and understanding.
– The dictionary.
– Grammar rules presented with images.
– Paragraph construction.
– Letter writing.
– Sections of books.
– Prepositions.
– Verb conjugation (indicative mode).
– Signs of international use.
Sciences: Elementary anthropology and zoology.
Geography: Maps starting from what is closest to them.
Music: We continue to work with the diatonic flute and sing in canon.
Painting: We continue with the experience of color with exercises related to the different class subjects and narrations.
Drawing: Free drawing with waxes and from the stories and class subjects.
English and Catalan: The work of writing, reading and understanding continues, based on class subjects.
Handwork: Cross stitch.

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