2nd Grade Periods & Subjects

FIRST PERIOD: September 12th to October 5th (3 ½ weeks): SPANISH AND GRAMMAR
SECOND PERIOD: October 8th to October 26th (3 weeks): MATH
THIRD PERIOD: October 29th to November 23rd (4 weeks): SPANISH AND GRAMMAR
FOURTH PERIOD: November 26th to December 21st (4 weeks): MATH

FIFTH PERIOD: January 7th to February 1st (4 weeks): SPANISH AND GRAMMAR
SIXTH PERIOD: February 4th to February 27th (3 weeks): MATH
SEVENTH PERIOD: March 4th to March 22nd (3 weeks): SPANISH AND GRAMMAR
EIGHTH PERIOD: March 25th to April 17th (3 weeks): MATH

NINTH PERIOD: April 24th to May 24th (4 weeks): SPANISH AND GRAMMAR
TENTH PERIOD: May 27th to June 21st (4 weeks): MATH

During the Spanish Language periods, the topics of Natural and Social Sciences are included, from fables, observation and direct experience:
– Spatial and Temporal Location.
– Maps of the surrounding area.
– The Four Elements.
– The Water Cycle.

Narrations: Fables and stories of Saints.
Mathematics: Expansion of the four basic operations. Practical and mental calculation, counting, number writing, multiplication tables game, table stars. Units, tens and hundreds. Numbers up to 1000. Vertical sum. Composition and decomposition of numbers.
Form Drawing: Mirror shapes, union of straight line and curve.
Language: The alphabet, reading and writing of words and small phrases. Combinations. Transcriptions, creation of stories, the syllable, punctuation marks, words according to syllables. Follow instructions, listen and ask for your turn.
Science: Location of your home, your school, graphical maps, the water cycle, the weather.
Music: Continue working on musical sensitivity and rhythm, starting with the pentatonic flute.
Painting: Continue with the experience of color, secondary colors and the encounter between them, with the different possibilities and variations.
Drawing: Free drawing with waxes and of fables and stories of saints, as well as science subjects.
English and Catalan: The work of listening and speaking continues, starting from the subjects of the second grade. This is where the vocabulary is worked on.
Handwork: Elaboration of useful objects using crochet.

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